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Anniversary Gemstone Chart

1st Year: Gold Jewelry
2nd Year: Garnet
3rd Year: Pearls
4th Year: Blue Topaz
5th Year: Sapphire
6th Year: Amethyst
7th Year: Onyx
8th Year: Tourmaline
9th Year: Lapis Lazuli
10th Year: Diamond Jewelry
11th Year: Turquoise
12th Year: Jade
13th Year: Citrine
14th Year: Opal
15th Year: Ruby
16th Year: Peridot
17th Year: Watches
18th Year: Cat’s-Eye*
19th Year: Aquamarine
20th Year: Emerald
21st Year: Iolite
22nd Year: Spinel
23rd Year: Imperial Topaz
24th Year: Tanzanite
25th Year: Silver Jubilee
30th Year: Pearl Jubilee
35th Year: Emerald
40th Year: Ruby
45th Year: Sapphire
50th Year:(Golden Jubilee) Gold
55th Year: Alexandrite
60th Year:(Diamond Jubilee) Diamond
70th Year:(Sapphire Jubilee) Sapphire
80th Year:(Ruby Jubilee) Ruby

Gemstone Chart For Days Of The Week

Sunday: Topaz
Monday: Pearl
Tuesday: Ruby
Wednesday: Amethyst
Thursday: Sapphire
Friday: Agate
Saturday: Turquoise