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Coloured gemstones are the small joys of the Earth.


Richard Moser


Green Tourmaline

The deep green colour of Tourmaline is believed to bring joy to those who wear it and is considered one of the most valuable colours in this gemstone family

Pink Tourmaline

This tourmaline, with its deep pink colour, makes it the most popular choice for large pink gemstones and it looks gorgeous when set amongst diamonds

Blue Tourmaline

A strong and clear, radiant blue tourmaline is rare and desired by many, making it a spectacular choice of gemstone for that special piece of jewellery

Rubelite Tourmaline

The rarity and richness in colour of rubelite sets it apart from other tourmalines. This gemstone is believed to bring courage and power to those fortunate enough to own one
rubelite tourmaline
yellow tourmaline1

Yellow Tourmaline

An intensely coloured yellow tourmaline is considered very rare. They are sometimes called canary tourmalines because of their brilliant colouring

Multi-Coloured Tourmaline

The range of colours and natural watermelon shade makes this a beautiful, unique and lively gemstone for jewellery

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Coloured Stones Adelaide has been custom making jewellery using coloured stones and precious gems for two generations. We are a family business, originating in Switzerland and have now been established at our beautiful studio in Burnside, South Australia for more than 30 years.

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