Pink Sapphire

The pink sapphire exudes vitality and femininity and it is a great alternative to a pink diamond for those on a budget

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The gorgeous pink sapphire, which is often seen in an intense dark pink colour, is often used in engagement rings as an alternative to diamonds as it epitomises feminity and is more affordable.

Long regarded as a symbol of constancy and sincerity, the Sapphire bestows innocence, truth and good health.

The highest quality sources of Pink Sapphire are in Africa, Myanmar (Burma) and Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

Sapphires from India and Myanmar are highly prized for their pure colours, and stones from these regions are priced accordingly. They range from soft pastel pinks to fancy and intense coloured variations.

Sapphires are rated at 9 on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness and second only to the diamond in this measure. As such, they are very hard-wearing, durable and perfectly suited to all jewellery purposes.

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