This stunning Spinel comes in a rich and brilliant array of colours, rightfully earning its way into the British Crown Jewels

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Spinel occurs in all colours but most popularly in ruby-like red. It is the magnesium-aluminium member of the larger spinel group of minerals and its pigments are chrome and iron. “Balas ruby” is an old name for a rose-tinted variety.

The name Spinel comes from the Latin word “spina” which means “little thorn”, and may refer to the sharp points which occur on some spinel crystals.

Spinel is thought to protect the owner from harm, to reconcile differences, and to soothe away sadness.

Spinel has a rich, brilliant array of colours and it is surprisingly affordable. Created or synthetic spinels are often used in the jewellery industry, but Coloured Stones Adelaide uses only natural spinels.

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