Blue Topaz

Bring serenity to all those who wear the beautiful blue of Topaz. It’s no wonder this gemstone has stolen the hearts of many

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Topaz is typically colourless and natural topaz colours are rarely vivid. Colours include yellow, brown, orange, red and pink.

Intense blue topaz, with a pale to medium blue colour created by irradiation, is available in relatively large sizes at affordable prices, whilst natural blue topaz is rare and more valuable.

Blue Topaz is the birthstone for December.

Blue Topaz is said to relax the mind of the wearer and make them think beyond the usual. Blue Topaz jewellery makes the wearer feel free from mood swings and boosts stability in their life.

Legend suggests that in olden times people wore blue topaz jewellery to detect if the food and drink served to them was contaminated with poison.

The ‘Marbella’ topaz – named after the town in southern Spain – is an exceptional 8,225-carat oval cut gemstone. It is said to be perfect in its purity, colour and transparency and displays an intensely, deep, blue colour reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea.

“London Blue” topaz is usually produced by nuclear radiation. When exposed the radiation changes the colour centres, producing a deep blue color. Heat treatment is then often used to lighten the stone, resulting in a deep-sea blue colour.

Other Topaz Gemstone

Imperial Topaz Gemstone - Jewellery and Stones - Coloured Stones Adelaide

Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz, which is now solely mined in Brazil, ranges in shades from rich reddish-orange, sherry red, deep, salmon pink, pink-orange-peach, to champagne, yellow orange to golden brown. The fine golden-yellow and pinky-red examples are relatively scarce

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