A rare gemstone, natural Tanzanite can only be found near Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Its strong purpley blue colour is a spectacular choice for any piece of jewellery

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The mineral Tanzanite has only been discovered in one place on earth, Tanzania, Africa. Hence, some believe there may be only enough of this precious resource in the ground to last another couple of decades. Tanzanite is often heat treated to produce the beautiful, dark purplish-blue colour for which it is known.

Tanzanite is a new addition to the list of top-selling coloured gemstones. America buys around 70% of all tanzanite that is mined.

Tanzanite was enthusiastically celebrated as “The Gemstone of the 20th Century” after its discovery in 1967. It is named after the East African state of Tanzania where its only deposit has been found.

Tanzanite gained worldwide fame in the 20th century as a fine and rare gemstone, with good quality, larger sizes in serious demand and commanding high prices. It isn’t only due to its spectacular colour, but the fact that this stone is only found in one location in the entire world, that it is especially rare.

Because it is so popular, tanzanite was relatively recently added to the December birthstone list.

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